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The website is a space to share knowledge and experience in the field of a healthy lifestyle and to inspire you to live a healthy and full life.

This website is dedicated mainly to strengthening the body’s strength and immunity as well as increasing awareness in every aspect of life. This allows not only to increase physical and mental strength, but also to look at life from a different point of view. Better health, courage, self-confidence, sharp thinking, rejuvenating the body and improving the quality of life are just some of the benefits of reading the content on the website.

Let this website be a support and inspiration for you!

I invite you to an adventure with conscious life.

Anna Matuszewska

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Being Well Anna Matuszewska

About me.

Anna Matuszewska.

Certified naturotherapist, nutrition therapist, Reiki practitioner, passionate about conscious life and natural medicine, certified economist and banker.

2011 was a turning point in my life. The doctor’s diagnosis gave no chance for a smooth and long life. As a 28-year-old woman at the time, I was faced with a very difficult choice. The choice between the lifetime intake of chemical substances that only mask the symptoms (they do not cure), and causing severe side effects contributing to the slow destruction of the entire body. On the other side of the barricade, there was a lack of approval for the doctor’s diagnosis and the belief that everything would be fine.

A certain thought, instilled in my childhood by my late uncle, a homeopath and physician proved to be helpful in making the choice. “The human body is capable of extraordinary things, it just needs a little help” – this deeply rooted belief gave me inner confidence and hope that there was a chance I would recover. For an active, traveling person, full of inner joy, the scenario of an aggressively progressive disease was unacceptable. So I decided to find both the cause and the remedy for the rapidly increasing ailments.

I knew WHAT I wanted to do and WHY. However, the last element was missing – namely the HOW. At that time, I didn’t know anyone who would help me, support me substantively and tell me where to start. I can’t say that the beginnings were easy. I started with the Internet. Over time, I met the right people who gave me valuable tips and shared invaluable knowledge with me. Full recovery was possible after a year and a half. Today, with the knowledge and experience I have, this time would be much shorter.

In this way, I discovered my passion – the extraordinary power of nature, natural therapies, mind and their ability to regenerate and heal the body. Since then, my Heart, as well as educational and professional activities, have been constantly filled with a wide spectrum of natural medicine.

The website was created precisely with the intention of sharing the acquired knowledge and experience, promoting a healthy lifestyle and inspiring people to live a healthy and full life.