Cleansing the liver.

Being Well

PL The liver is the largest gland in the human body, performing many functions critical to life. Cleansing the liver is a key process for our body to function properly. Every day we are exposed to huge amounts of toxins and harmful substances – from the air, water, other drinks, food, stimulants, drugs, cosmetics, perfumes, […]

Marzipan keto.

Being Well marcepanki keto

PL Keto marzipan in chocolate. Ingredients: 200 grams of almonds 50-80 grams of erythritol 30-45 ml of rose water dark chocolate (95-100% cocoa content) or chocolate mass prepared according to the CHOCOLATE recipe.   Preparation: Place the almonds in a bowl and pour boiling water; leave the almonds in the boiling water for at least […]

Keto cookies.

Being Well ciastka keto

PL Peanut butter keto cookies. Ingredients: 250 grams of crunchy peanut butter 80 grams of erythritol (80 grams is recommended in the original recipe; for me, 30 grams is enough) 1 egg   Preparation: Mix everything. Shape into balls. Gently crushing with your hands, forming thin circles. Put them on a baking tray lined with […]

Keto buns.

Being Well pieczywo

PL Keto buns with almond flour. Ingredients (should be added in the following order): 3 eggs; 200 grams of almond flour; 70 grams of psyllium husk; two pinches of salt; 2 spoons of baking powder; a tablespoon of apple or wine vinegar; 375 ml of boiling water; optional seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, black cumin. Preparation: While […]

Keto chocolate.

Being Well czekolada keto

PL Keto chocolate with coconut oil. It is delicious, but it has one disadvantage – you have to keep it in the fridge, it melts in your hands because coconut oil starts to turn into liquid from 23 degrees Celsius, Ingredients: raw, unrefined, preferably organic coconut oil; raw, unrefined, preferably organic cocoa; Erythritol, preferably organic […]