being well

healthier. better. happier.


Consciousness is the key to health, happiness, and a better life.

Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly.

In free translation, this is a famous quote by Napoleon Bonaparte. If we do not develop or grow ourselves, do not broaden our horizons and stay in our comfort zone, we do not use our full potential and talents. In addition, very often we identify with limiting beliefs. These factors impact the quality of our life in every sphere – relationship, finance, work, material goods, emotion, spiritual growth, social life, etc.

Along with the development, we expand our consciousness (awareness); and with the increase of consciousness, we better cope with the situations that happen to us, as well as with interpersonal relationships. This applies to development on every level – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Being conscious, we are more courageous and open to the unknown. We have less fear and childlike faith that whatever is happening in our lives – we will handle everything perfectly. We are filled with peace and joy. We easily accept the reality that surrounds us.

Living consciously and responsibly means that not only luck is on our side, but our life flows and positively surprises us very often. Our body is also healthier, stronger and younger, and our immune system is boosted.

The lack of consciousness and the limitations that determine our lives are perfectly illustrated by Harv Eker. In one of his books, he wrote that if an oak had a human mind, it would have grown to a maximum of 3 meters. By expanding our consciousness and changing our beliefs, we give ourselves a chance to spread our wings and have a better life.

If you are open and ready for good changes, I invite you to »here« where you will find a lot of interesting information that will broaden your awareness.