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Ear candling.

Ear candling (coning, conching) was originally used by the Incas and Aztecs. Then, the treatment was continued by the Hopi Indians. Coning is mainly a working with the element of fire. During the treatment, fire as a cleansing element has a strong influence on both the physical and energy spheres.

At the physical level, ear candling (ear coning) affects both the organs of hearing and various types of ENT ailments. Moreover, it tonifies the nervous system and supports the proper functioning of internal organs, including detoxifying organs (kidneys and liver), as well as those responsible for digestion.

It is recommended that the coning procedure should be performed by a Reiki practitioner. The best effect can be achieved by first undergoing a coning treatment, and then a Reiki treatment at the same time.


Ear candling (ear coning, ear conching) treatment.

The chimney effect is used during the ear candling treatment. Burning the ‘candle’ in the ear canal creates negative pressure. Melted wax generates heat. This heat, combined with herbs, natural essential oils and active substances from beeswax, stimulates the acupuncture points associated with the organs of the entire body.

Ear candling/ear coning should be performed on both ears. The treatment starts with the ear that is in worse condition. No more than 11 treatments should be performed during one series of treatments (at 1-2 day intervals). The number of ear candling sessions needed is an individual matter. It depends on the ailment and energy condition of the client.

The ear candling treatment lasts about 40-50 minutes.


Ear coning (conching) and ear candling.

Ear candling is a procedure similar to ear coning. However, there are some fundamental differences between them. Candling is a shorter and easier procedure to perform. The candles used during candling are much smaller than the conchs (cones). Conchs have a stronger and deeper effect than candles (therefore, conchs are more effective than candles).

In practice, several candling treatments are needed to obtain an effect similar to one conching. Often, even achieving such an effect is impossible. The reason is that the candling barely reaches the energetic body. The therapeutic effect of conching is, therefore, faster, wider and deeper. For this reason, I use conchs in my practice. I use candles for children only.


Ear candling (ear coning) – indications and benefits.

Ear candling (ear coning) – contraindications.

Conching is a very safe procedure. However, there are several contraindications for the treatment:

  • acute inflammation of the ear (with purulent exudate);
  • absent or damaged eardrum (perforation, rupture);
  • an ear prosthesis, hearing aid and other devices inside the ear;
  • allergy to bee products.

Navel conching (coning).

The navel is often underestimated, treated only as a birth scar. In fact, the navel is our strong energy point. In the navel area, we store a huge part of our emotions. These are emotions about our reactions to happenings (both real and imaginary), as well as our relationships with other people.

Navel conching (navel coning) is therefore recommended mainly in the case of psychosomatic symptoms. Especially when we cannot ‘digest’ (cope with) our emotions and this manifests itself, for example, with digestive disorders. Most of all it relates to the lack of forgiveness and anger toward someone or ourselves. These emotions strongly affect the functioning of internal organs, especially the liver, stomach and intestines. They cause energy blockages that disable their regular functioning.

Navel and emotions.

The navel is situated between the sacral chakra (the second chakra) and the solar plexus chakra (the third chakra). The sacral chakra area is responsible for the regular functioning of the reproductive system and the lumbar plexus. Blockages occurring within this chakra may lead to infertility and worsen the quality of sexual life.

The solar plexus chakra, located above the navel, is associated with organs such as the liver, stomach, large intestine, and the muscular system and skin. It is also responsible for eye conditions. At the non-physical level, the solar plexus chakra relates to our relationships with other people. In addition, it is associated with areas such as power, freedom and control.

The position of the navel between the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra is not coincidental. Both of these chakras are strongly related to the emotions that accompany the “me-group” relationship. In fact, every minute we can potentially experience a new stimulus and a new emotion. Therefore, it is important to be able to control our emotions and deal with our reactions to the situations we encounter.

If this area of your life is difficult for you, it may be helpful to clear your emotions by navel conching.

Boosting immunity.

  • strengthening the vital energy and increasing the body’s immunity (warmth coming from the candle/conch, combined with the active substances of herbs, oils and beeswax, stimulates acupuncture points on the auricle, responsible for the proper functioning of the entire body);
  • support for the treatment of infections and weakness of the upper respiratory tract (bronchitis, cough, bronchial asthma), rhinitis (including hay fever), flu, and allergies;
  • support for the treatment of most ENT diseases (area of the sinuses, tonsils, larynx and pharynx).

Improving senses functioning.

  • improving hearing, alleviating irritation in the ears (including ringing and tinnitus);
  • improving the functioning of the senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste).

Normalization of blood pressure.

  • regulation of intracranial pressure (the negative pressure in the ear canal produced during the combustion of the conch/candle leads to the equalization of the pressure of the sinuses and the tympanic membrane);
  • reducing headache (including migraine) and dizziness.


  • removal of toxins and excessive earwax;
  • support for the detoxification of the sinuses, lymph and nervous system;
  • stimulation of lymphatic circulation and restoration of lymph nodes;
  • support for metabolic processes (including alleviating psychosomatic digestive problems).

Stress reduction.

  • relaxation for body and mind;
  • relieving stress, neurosis, anxiety, depression, insomnia and hyperactivity (calming down and regenerating the nervous system, reducing emotional blockages);
  • making the head feel light;
  • brightening the mind, improving the clarity of thinking.

Energy purification.

  • cleansing and strengthening the human energy space (each subsequent treatment reaches deeper and more subtle energy levels, burning out negative energy structures, clearing energy and mental blockages).