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Gua Sha.

Gua sha is a massage derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a therapeutic technique where the domain is therapy of pain with the use of pain. It therefore belongs to quite painful massages. The effect, on the other hand, is immediate pain relief, unblocking stagnation, and a significant reduction in tension and relaxation of muscles. In addition, Gua Sha reduces swelling, supports circulation and restores the proper flow of energy.

The phrase Gua Sha means scraping until redness, rash appears. According to the Western nomenclature, Gua Sha stimulates the nervous system and the cleansing process through the strong blood supply to the painful areas. Gua Sha massage is performed using a plate with rounded ends, made of buffalo horn, jade or other suitable materials.

Application of Gua Sha.

Gua Sha massage is performed mainly on the back and neck. In some cases, the massage also covers the arms and legs. It begins with oiling and manually warming up the massaged area. During the massage, the given area of ​​the body is gently rubbed (scraped) with the plate.

Gua Sha massage can also be performed on other areas of the body. In the area of head, it helps to reduce tension and relieve tension headaches (tension migraines). In the area of ​​face, Gua Sha is an excellent remedy for wrinkles that arise with age.

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Gua Sha, cupping and acupuncture.

Like acupuncture and cupping, Gua Sha affects the meridians and the acupuncture points located on them. The purpose of the massage is to unblock and stimulate the flow of life-giving Qi energy in the meridians (energy channels in the human body). The direction of the massage takes into account the flow of Qi energy in the meridians.

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Gua Sha as a therapeutic massage.

Gua Sha massage increases energy levels, strengthens the body, improves blood and lymph circulation, and supports the removal of toxic compounds. It stimulates the work of internal organs. Gua Sha has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. It removes muscle stiffness and tension. This technique is recommended primarily in tension pain in the back (including shoulder blade, shoulder), neck, hips and headaches.

Due to its very good effectiveness in strengthening the immune system, Gua Sha massage is also widely used in the prevention of colds and viral infections. This makes Gua Sha similar to the effect achieved after the treatment with the use of cupping.

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Gua Sha massage effects.

The beneficial therapeutic effect is reached, among other things, through the local heat generated during the massage. This stimulates the body’s repair mechanisms. The heated areas of the body are thus stimulated to intensive work and regeneration of damaged tissues. This process takes place thanks to better blood supply to the tissues, and with it the supply of more oxygen and nutrients. At the same time, toxins are removed from the body.

Gua Sha – petechiae on the skin.

The duration of the Gua Sha massage is approximately 30-40 minutes. The treatment takes place in a sitting or lying position.

Gua Sha, like cupping, can also be used in children.

After the treatment, it is good to give the body time to regenerate. Symptoms of slight detoxification may appear, which may be accompanied by an altered smell of sweat, urine and stool. In order to remove toxins, it is worth drinking more water. In addition, it is better to avoid sunbathing, long warm baths, and the use of any ointments or lotions. Sunbathing should be avoided until the redness or bruising of the skin has completely disappeared.

Attention! After the massage, petechiae may appear, which usually disappear after 3-4 days. This is especially true of the back and neck area. They appear in places where there was stagnation and tension.

Due to the possibility of experiencing pain during massage, it is not necessarily a good solution for people looking for relaxation during the treatment.

Gua Sha - indications & benefits.

The main benefits of Gua Sha massage:

  • reduction of tension and tension pain (mainly around the head, face, neck, back);
  • muscle relaxation (especially in the back and neck);
  • improving the functioning of the immune system;
  • reduction of inflammation;
  • smoothing wrinkles;
  • unblocking stagnation;
  • improvement of blood and lymph circulation;
  • reduction or elimination of swelling;
  • improvement of metabolism;
  • improving sleep;
  • support for the body’s detoxification processes.

Gua Sha - contraindications.

Due to the invasiveness of the method, there are some contraindications. Gua Sha should not be performed during menstruation, in pregnant women and in people taking anticoagulant drugs.
In addition, it is not recommended for people with skin diseases, ulcers, traumatic hematomas, fresh wounds and sunburn (also immediately after sunbathing, when the skin is red).
Massage is not performed on weakened people, prone to heavy bleeding, after operations, thrombosis and in serious diseases (e.g. cancer, infectious diseases, heart failure, high blood pressure).
Condition after intense physical exertion, high fever, excessive hunger or overeating are also not recommended during Gua Sha.