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Liver cleansing.

Although most people cannot see energy, it conditions our lives. In fact, nothing in us is static, everything is in constant motion. Without the energy flowing within us, we would be dead. Our health condition, the way we feel, how we look, and the quality of our life are determined by the energy flow in our body – the energy level, correct direction and freedom of the flow.

According to Eastern medicine, the liver has a significant influence on the energy flow and blood quality in our body. It’s worth taking care of liver condition – especially during the spring!


Spring and cleansing the body.

There is a reason why we do a thorough cleaning every spring – we declutter and clean our houses, prepare our gardens to let the plants grow, etc. We do this to move the stagnant energy after the winter, to feel lighter and have more strength for active living for the rest of the year. We do it ‘automatically’, subconsciously. The same way our body works.

Spring is the best time for our bodies to cleanse and renew. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the organ assigned to this season is the Liver. It is the main filter of our body, responsible for cleansing (detoxification) – and thus it conditions the quality of the energy flow throughout the body and the quality of our blood.

Please note that if you didn’t manage to clean your liver in spring, fall is the second best time to do so. There are also special cases of liver cleansing throughout the year. If you are not sure when you can safely cleanse your liver – contact the right therapist.


Liver recovery.

The liver is an organ that determines the regular functioning of all the individual organs in the body. Importantly, the liver is an organ that can fully regenerate itself, it can be renewed.

The liver, however, has never been so overloaded as it is nowadays. It is burdened not only by toxic substances entering our body from the outside. Toxins produced by negative and toxic thinking, excessive stress, and living in a constant hurry impair the liver too. All these factors disrupt the free flow of energy in the body – this disables the regular functioning of the liver and also impairs any other organ.

Due to the enormous overload, our liver needs a lot of attention and care, as well as cleansing and giving space for regeneration, to perform its functions correctly. There is a huge difference between taking care of the liver and being worried about it. Being worried about the liver does not help it – this feeling worse the liver condition. You can help your liver not only by regularly cleansing it but also by caring for the liver on a daily basis.


You can read more about how to take care of your liver on a daily basis »here«


Be grateful to your liver for what it does for you. Be gentle and understanding to your liver. Every second (especially at night) your liver is working very hard so you can enjoy your life. Without the liver, you wouldn’t have done that even for a moment.

A liver cleansing combined with a full body detox is the most powerful step you can take to improve your health and well-being, to improve the functioning of each organ!

Cleansing your liver and changing your eating habits is a great start to balancing your body and emotions. This does not mean, however, that changes at the physical level must be sufficient to achieve this balance. Remember that emotions and your Spirit are equally important. I encourage you to develop self-awareness and expand your consciousness at every level!

Cleaning the liver from gallstones is an ‘operation without a scalpel’ –
– be responsible and understanding to the whole body when performing this cleansing treatment!


Liver cleansing rejuvenates the body.

Toxins, heavy metals, harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. (hereinafter referred to as pathogens) present in the body, may cause inflammation in the body and accelerate the ageing processes (including deterioration of eyesight). The main organ responsible for neutralizing pathogens and removing them from our body is the liver – our main filter.

The more efficient the detoxification mechanisms are, the younger the body is. By cleansing the liver, you rejuvenate your body and improve your eyesight!


Liver, emotions and stress.

The liver is an organ that is very much sensitive and exposed to stress and emotions of anger, irritation and resentment. We often hide those emotions over the years, which is especially destructive for the liver. “Anger harms the beauty” – Polish proverb – old, but very true. The liver has a significant impact on the removal of toxins and rejuvenation of the body, as well as the condition of our skin, hair and nails.

When performing liver cleansing, we should also take care of emotions, eliminate stress and slow down as much as possible!

Learn how to cope with emotions while cleansing your liver in Being Well’s guidance to liver cleansing.


Liver cleansing with Being Well.

You can check upcoming liver cleansing dates »here«

If you want to cleanse the liver and none of the dates provided is suitable for you – contact me – we will arrange the date individually, based on your calendar, the Moon calendar and the aura surrounding you! 🙂

The liver cleansing price:

  • First liver cleansing: £180
  • Subsequent liver cleansing: £120
  • Herb and supplement set: £80


What will you get with the liver cleansing package?

  • a set of herbs and supplements specially selected to support the liver and prepare it for cleansing;
  • a detailed plan for each day, including eating recommendations, recipes, supplements intake, and home treatments (including enemas);
  • a thorough guide on how to safely clean your liver at home;
  • tips on how to deal with emotions when cleansing your liver;
  • support from a naturopathic practitioner who has carried out over 30 liver cleansings on her own (possibility of unlimited, direct contact);
  • initial consultation, including a detailed interview regarding the current health condition of the body;
  • final consultation, including recommendations to support the liver and the entire body after cleansing;
  • 50% discount on Awoken Mind therapies.


The whole process of liver cleansing (including preparation) will be discussed in detail during the initial consultation or additional online meeting or during a liver cleansing webinar.

If you have any questions or doubts during the liver cleansing process – please, do not hesitate to contact me.
If I don’t answer the phone, please leave a text message.

Due to the limited availability of herbal remedies necessary for liver cleansing in the UK, please contact me up to two weeks before the start date of your cleansing process – to make sure that there will be enough herbs for you!


50% discount on Awoken Mind natural therapies.

To provide you with the best support while preparing for liver cleansing, you can use a 50% discount on individual and group sound therapy, Reiki treatment, and ear candling (ear coning) or navel candling (navel coning).

These natural therapies will allow your body to experience deep relaxation, which allows you to start the body’s self-healing processes. Moreover, they will boost the detoxification processes taking place in your body and allow your liver to relax.


Support from a naturopathic practitioner.

You may have difficult moments during the liver cleansing due to giving up many foods that are like drugs for your body. Therefore, during the first days of cleansing, you may experience an extremely strong desire to eat them, as well as a moderate feeling of hunger that will be difficult to satisfy with other food.

Also, your body will release more and more toxins every day. It may be accompanied by a headache, slight weakness, or distraction (especially if it’s your first cleansing).
If you are mentally incapable of going through this alone, please contact me. I will support you as much as I can; I will remind you why you decided to cleanse your liver and what benefit you will get from it!

When you decide to perform liver cleansing with Being Well, you have the possibility of unlimited and direct contact with me – you can be sure that I will accompany you and support you all the way! <3


Colon cleansing.

Colon cleansing is extremely important in cleansing the liver of gallstones and other deposits. Therefore, it is necessary to perform several enemas while cleansing the liver. A clean colon reduces the risk of a gallstone stuck in the intestine.

It may happen, but it is very rare for a gallstone to get stuck in the intestine. In case of getting stuck, hydrocolonotherapy (washing the intestine using gravity pressure) is necessary to perform. In my almost 10 years of practice, there were only two cases when hydrocolonotherapy was needed after liver cleansing – as it turned out, the reason was not a stuck gallstone, but the parasites and candida released during the liver cleansing!

The enema set (including full instructions) is included in the liver cleansing package – you will receive it during the initial consultation.


Unblocking the liver – days 1-11.

The process of preparing for liver cleaning is extremely important. It enables the liver to be unblocked and determines the safe performance of the liver cleansing process (carried out on days 12 and 13). During this period, the entire body is relieved and mobilized to release and remove as many toxins as possible (including heavy metals, harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi).

Even if for some reason you cannot or fail to perform a proper liver cleansing (flushing the liver of gallstones) on days 12 and 13, the preparatory process itself is beneficial for the liver and the entire body. Your body will be grateful for each accomplished day during this period! <3


Liver cleansing process – days 12-13.

Day 12 and 13 is the time for flushing the liver of gallstones and other deposits that linger in it (including excess cholesterol). If possible, don’t plan anything for these days except for a liver cleansing.


Time after liver cleansing – days 14-15.

Days 14 and 15 are the time to come back to reality – even if you feel totally fine, please continue eating lightly to let your liver recover completely after the strong cleansing process.


Each day of this 15-day cleansing process has been designed so that you can cleanse your liver (and also your entire body) most effectively and safely possible. Each element of the process is carefully thoughtful and very important – please, do not omit anything, do not improve or add anything.