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Healthy Eating.

What does it mean to eat healthy food? „Healthy eating” is an extremely broad topic. Nowadays, there is a lot of information regarding different sorts of diets, and the ways you can eat. Unfortunately, this information is contradictory quite often. Moreover, it’s worth being aware that not all foods are right for everyone. A particular way of eating may work for some people and not for others. Why is this happening? Although we belong to the same “species”, we differ significantly from each other. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, people may have a different constitution of the body, some of the organs may be weaker, Yin and Yang energy may be in a different amount and relation, etc. On top of that, we have different beliefs about food – diet, nutritional products, supplements, etc. And what we believe has a huge impact on how a given way of nutrition works for us.

Healthy food.

Have you ever wondered why in a regular supermarket there is usually only one shelf labelled “healthy food”? The vast majority of people never paid any attention to it. If only one shelf is labelled “health food”, what is the food on the other shelves? This rhetorical question should be kept in mind when shopping.

„Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – the famous words of Hippocrates; the fundamental theory of natural medicine, especially nutrition as the best way to cure and prevent diseases. Also, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, healthy eating, i.e. food therapy/nutrition therapy is one of the basic forms of prevention and treatment of all ailments. There is a certain canon of healthy eating principles, but it is always worth bearing in mind the individual approach to each human being.

It is not only important what we eat but also when and under what circumstances we eat a meal (e.g. being in a hurry or stressed) – especially what emotions and beliefs (individual and collective beliefs) we have about the food we eat. Moreover, the Chinese organ/body clock has a huge impact on how the body is functioning (e.g. digesting food). A meal eaten in the morning will be digested and absorbed by the body in a different way than the same meal eaten in the evening.

First of all, it’s worth listening to your body, following your intuition and your beliefs. Of course, beliefs are something that can be changed. It is important that the changes we make support us at every level.

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