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The history of Reiki goes back to the ancient cultures living in the present area of Tibet. Reiki was rediscovered in the second half of the 19th century, thanks to a Japanese monk, Dr Mikao Usui. The Reiki practitioner draws healing energy through the crown chakra; then gives the healing energy back through the chakras located on the palms. To do so, the Reiki practitioner places both hands on the appropriate places on the body.

Tensions and stress are significantly reduced. A deep state of relaxation enables the body to activate its natural self-healing mechanisms. As a result, the body has a chance to return to its natural state – homeostasis.


Energy medicine.

Reiki is one of the forms of energy medicine. Its purpose is to restore balance to our energy (the energetic field within us and around us). This process occurs by dissolving energy blockages and recharging the body with energy. A relaxed body allows energy to flow freely, and most importantly – in the right direction. This, in turn, translates into adequate oxygenation and nourishment of each cell and the proper functioning of the entire body.


The disease first arises on the energy level.

A change on the physical level requires a change in the energy area first. For this reason, it is believed that the source of any ailment is a disturbance in the human energy field. Before the disease manifests itself on a physical level (in the form of specific symptoms or changes in a blood test), the first change takes place in the human energy field.

For example, suppressed and unprocessed negative emotions will be trapped in the body in the form of energy blockages. Initially, this change is energetic. However, over time, this energy blockage will manifest itself on a physical level, in the form of a specific ailment or disease. What is also important, the blockage occurred in one place affects the functioning of the entire body.

Reiki energy massage supports the healing process at every level – emotional, spiritual and physical. From the energy level, you can reach every sphere of a human being – physical, emotional, and spiritual.


Reiki – scientific proof.

The effectiveness of Reiki therapy is increasingly confirmed by scientific research. Thanks to this, the technique is used all over the world as a holistic method supporting the treatment of a number of diseases. Reiki is used both in private practices, as well as in hospitals and other medical facilities.

According to research, Reiki session reduces stress (including psychological stress), pain and anxiety. In addition, it strengthens the immune system and reduces muscle tension. It improves the work of the heart by reducing the number of beats per minute, regulating blood pressure.

Reiki therapy has also a beneficial effect on improving memory and general mental functions. Moreover, Reiki treatments are helpful with epilepsy, emotional problems, and psychotherapy.
Personally, I noticed positive effects of Reiki treatment in the reduction of menstrual, migraine and muscle pains, anxiety and stress reduction, and intestinal colic.

Being Well reiki kryształy

Reiki is an intelligent energy.

Reiki energy always reaches the areas and levels where it is needed the most. You don’t have to believe in Reiki to make it work for you. All you need is a willingness to recover and allowing Reiki to act.

Reiki and Chinese Medicine.

Reiki has something in common with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to the East approach, diseases are the result of blockages in the human energy system. When the energy is blocked in the body, the Yin and Yang energies (together known as the life energy Qi) do not circulate properly in the body.
The most common causes of energy blockages are stress, trapped emotions, untreated diseases, as well as a destructive/ draining lifestyle. Reiki, deeply relaxing the whole body, eliminates stagnation of energy. It makes the energy flow again freely, in the right direction. It reaches wherever it is needed, nourishing and regenerating the entire body. This improves our health condition and strengthen the entire body.

Therefore, Reiki restores the balance in the human energy system – the harmony between the complementary energies of Yin and Yang.


Human energy system.

The human energy system consists of energy centres (mainly chakras and tan tien), as well as meridians (the energy channels). Chakras are circular energy structures. The main ones are located from the base of the spine to the point above the head. The most important tan tien is located a few centimetres below the navel, inside the body.

The energy centres are connected to each other through meridians. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the life-giving Qi energy flows through the meridians. It is all surrounded by the human aura.

The life energy circulating in the energy system feeds the entire body. Blockages and dirt in the energy body prevent the free flow of energy. This results in unbalanced energy exchange between the various organs as well as between the body and the environment. This, in turn, provides an excellent pathway for emotional problems and physical illness. The impediment to the flow of energy or its complete deficiency in only one place contributes to the development of disorders in the entire human body.

By performing the full Reiki treatment, the entire human energy system is cleansed. Energy blockages are dissolved and the chakras are balanced. This enables the restoration of a harmonious energy flow and stimulation of the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms.

Reiki treatments.

During the Reiki treatment, I also use clear quartz in the area of the main energy centres. They enhance the effects of Reiki energy.
The duration of the Reiki treatment is about 45-60 minutes and depends on the health of the person undergoing Reiki. If you are going to use Reiki as a form of therapy, it is good to undergo at least 10 treatments.

Reiki - indications.

In fact, Reiki can help in the treatment of almost any disease or ailment arising on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.

Regulation of the immune system.
Reiki session regulates the immune system, so it is used not only to strengthen immunity but also to support the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Improving the functioning of internal organs and senses.
Reiki treatment supports the restoration of the proper functioning of internal systems and organs, as well as sense organs (sight, hearing, smell).

Relieve pain, speed up recovery and healing.
Reiki therapy is used to relieve many different types of pain, including tension headaches and muscle aches. It accelerates the healing and regeneration of bones and joints (fractures, bruises and injury) and the skin (wounds, burns).

Reduction of stress, anxiety, insomnia and muscle tension.
The Reiki treatment is an excellent method of relaxation. It reduces tension, relaxes the muscles, calms the nervous system (activates the parasympathetic nervous system), and gives the whole body proper rest. For this reason, Reiki therapy is recommended especially for people who live intense life, are under stress and are under constant pressure from the environment. Reiki is also used to support the treatment of insomnia, depression, anxiety, autism, and ADHD.

Reiki and pregnancy.
Reiki therapy can be helpful during pregnancy – for both mother and baby.

Used prophylactically, Reiki perfectly supports the functioning of the entire body, relaxes the nervous system and significantly improves the functioning of the immune system.

Reiki - contraindications.

There are no contraindications in Reiki therapy
and that’s sooo beautiful 🙂